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This Is Us

We're big believers in the power of a good meal and a friendly place to eat it. Stop by for fresh, locally sourced food, served with a warm smile.

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our story

Welcome to our café, a place where life is enriched and connections are made. Here, everyone is not only welcomed but also embraces the act of welcoming others. It's a space where cherished friendships are reunited and new bonds are formed. Within these walls, we foster a sense of community, where we all embody the qualities of good neighbors.

Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.

Serving our hotel guests

Experience the best of both worlds - a delightful brunch cafe on the ground floor and a haven of comfort just upstairs. Visit us today at our brunch cafe and discover the charm of Bens the Highdocks, where delectable cuisine and exceptional accommodation meet in perfect harmony.

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our LOyality

Experience a world of delectable flavours and exclusive rewards with Brunchdale's Loyalty Passport. As a valued resident, every visit brings you closer to earning exciting perks and delightful surprises. For more information, feel free to ask our friendly staff or visit our website to start collecting stamps and enjoying the benefits.

All brunch, all day, all welcome

The Best Bite inthe Neighborhood

Indulge your taste buds in a culinary journey at our brunch cafe, where we take pride in serving the best bites in the neighbourhood. From mouthwatering breakfast classics to creative brunch innovations, our menu is thoughtfully crafted to satisfy your cravings and elevate your dining experience.

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